We create edible memories

Family and Friends are everything

We are a family run business from the Caribbean. What started as a special gift idea to give my mother sweet memories of back home, became the inspiration for Kreative Hampers.

These Caribbean hampers tickle the taste buds of anyone who likes an indulgent food experience, but this one can be enjoyed in the comfort of their homes.

Edible Memories

Since creating my first one in 2016, popularity has grown immensely. Anyone who has lived, vacationed, or is just curious about Caribbean delicacies, enjoys receiving our Caribbean hampers. Each basket contains a selection of edible memories for any occasion and age. 

Is there a taste, a smell, a picture, a sound, or an object that transports you back to that happy place?  Our hampers capture those memories or create new memories through an edible experience. 

The Gift that keeps giving

All Kreative hampers are handmade so the high quality is maintained with every order. We put love into each creation as if it was mum’s (aka. nana, auntie, sister, great gran) hamper made all those years ago. We deliver the emotion you want to share along with the gift. These truly are a gift that keeps giving, see for your yourselves!