Food Facts

Food Facts  







Banana cake 



Banana chips 


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*suitable for vegetarians/vegans 

Banana chips are kettle baked with limited salt. Always fresh and tantalizing to the taste buds. A perfect healthy snack, low in calories and packed with flavour. A delicious alternative to the potato chip. 

Bun and Cheese 

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Traditional Jamaican alternative to the cheese sandwich.  The combination of the spiced bun with the cheese provide a sweet and savoury experience that you are sure to enjoy and leave your taste buds craving more. 

Busta sweets 


*suitable for vegetarians/vegans 

These are hard sweets made of wet sugar, coconut, ginger. An amazing sensation as your taste buds encounter coconut one minute and the taste of ginger the next. A quick sneaky treat between meals. 


Busta is said to have been named in honour of the Jamaican national hero Sir Alexander Bustamante. 




Cheese Krackers 



Cherry and Coconut 



Cinnamon bun 


Soft sweet swirls of cinnamon goodness in fresh baked dough.  Perfect with a cup of tea or coffee. 

Cinnamon crackers 

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*Dairy Free, Suitable for Vegetarians, Lactose Free 

Cinnamon water crackers are a fat free hard cracker with a cinnamon flavour. 


Excelsior is Jamaicas leading brand of crackers. Excelsior Water Crackers are popular for breakfast or as a healthy snack. They are fat free and made with baking flour and water. Traditionally enjoyed with fish or meat, but  commonly eaten as a great accompaniment to cheese, guava jam or a dip such as Guacamole and a glass of wine.   

Coconut drops 

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*suitable for vegetarians 

Traditional Jamaican treats made by boiling tiny pieces of coconut in a combination of brown sugar and spices such as vanilla, salt, and powdered ginger.  


Heaven for the coconut lovers amongst you.  A delicious snack that can be enjoyed at anytime of the day.  For a unusual dessert, crumble pieces over some vanilla ice cream. 


Coconut Rum cake 


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A moist and succulent coconut cake with a light and fluffy texture. Glazed with premium Jamaican rum. 


Cornmeal porridge 













Fish tea soup 






Guava Jam 

*suitable for vegetarians  

Grace Guava Jam is a delicious sweet tropical fruit jam that can be spread on fresh bread, warm toast, crackersused in desserts or as a glaze for meats. 


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Gizzada is a tart  contained in a small, crisp pastry shell with a pinched crust and filled with a sweet and spiced coconut filling.  Excellent with tea, coffee, or a nice cold glass of dessert wine. 


If you like coconut, you’ll love Gizzada 










Hard dough bread 



The name does not do it justice, it’s not hard unless you toast it and enjoy it with some sticky sweet juicy guava jam.  With a slightly sweeter hint than other breads it’s often enjoyed on its own. 


A popular Jamaican delicacy, this bread is firm on the outside, dense and tender on the inside. Traditionally it is eaten with any meal to accompany meats and fish. 

Honeycomb Tamarind balls 












Kool Aid 









Moringa tea 












Peanut drops 

*suitable for vegetarians 

Great for the nut lovers! 

Scrumptious peanut drops are sweet snacks made from roasted peanuts, ginger and spices which can be enjoyed anytime of the day.  

Ping Pong 

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Plantain chips 


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*suitable for vegetarians/vegans 

Trade in your potato chips for plantain or banana chips, two of the island foods that we love so much. Great as a snack on its own or served as an appetizer with a dip like guacamole! 

Pumpkin soup 









Rum Fruit Cake 

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A moist and succulent fruit cake with a light and fluffy texture. Glazed with premium Jamaican rum. 


Rum & Raisin chocolate 

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Rum & Raisin milk chocolate bar is filled with sweet raisins and infused with the rum flavour of the Caribbean. A decadent trip to the islands.  


This chocolate is very popular in the Caribbean for gifts and that indulgent night in. 




Sorrel & Ginger tea 

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Soursop sweets 


One of Guyanas favourite sweets. They have taken the familiar taste of the fruit and turn them into tiny hard sweets that you can enjoyed while working, on the go or while watching a movie. 


Did you know: Soursop studies show that soursop is high in antioxidants, which may help prevent cell damage and could lower the risk of chronic disease 

Soursop tea 



Sweet potato cake