Carib-Vegan Gift Box


This is Vegan heaven 

A tasty selection of plant-based treats!

An excellent indulgent gift for that special someone.



This is Vegan heaven 

Imagine that sunny garden with all those freshly grown ingredients packed into the Sorrel and Ginger cordial, however this is only the start of a selection of delicious vegan treats.

An excellent indulgent gift for that special someone.

Please check the contents of this basket meets your vegan requirements!


Vegan Caribbean Fruit Rum cake The moist rum soaked cakes will have you enchanted as the aroma entices you, even before you taste the cake. 

Moringa & Mint Tea – Herbal Tea

Honeycomb Tamarind Balls – The sweet and sour will dance on your taste buds 

Coconut Drops –  fresh pieces of coconut infused with a variety of spices

Peanut Drops – peanuts infused with a variety of spices 

Cinnamon Crackers The subtle cinnamon flavour make these crispy crackers scrumptious. Great with cheese, meats, sorrel jelly, jam or on their own 

Plantain chips – A delicious alternative to crisps with a slight kick 

Sorrel (Hibiscus) Jelly – a delicious jelly, great accompaniment to cheese and crackers

Mango & Chilli Sweets – Incredible combination of sweet and spicy 

Don’t know what some of these edibles are? Don’t worry, click here for more information

For allergy information click here


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